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Production of polycarbonate and greenhouses in Belarus

Production company "Selmaks-Pro" was founded in 2014. It is subsidiary of LLC "Selmaks" which operating on the market since 2010.

Because of the modern high-tech equipment, qualified personnel, using highest standard raw materials, also great accumulated experience we are able to produce high-end products, which quality is corresponding to all kinds of international standards.

We are improving every day, reaching new heights, and aren’t stopping for a minute. We are young, confident, open and full of enthusiasm. And most important that we are ready to work a lot of to achieve the best results. Satisfied customers - the key to our successful work!

LLC "Selmaks-Pro" - the Belarusian quality, which we can proud of!

We are producing polycarbonate under the brands "Gaspadar», «Scarb», «Scarb-pro» and «Parnichok". We use only the highest quality raw materials in the production of polycarbonate. UV protection layer is applied absolutely on all sheets produced by us, meaning their service life is extended considerably compared to competitive peers. Polycarbonate sheets of Selmaks-Pro production are detailed quality control before, during and after production.

We also produce metal frames of greenhouses under the brands "AgroHit", "AgroSila", "AgroProfi", "AgroLux" and "AgroMalyshka". We use fully galvanized russian highest quality pipe for production of our greenhouses, which will not oxidize over time. Constructions are thought out to the smallest details and designed to maximize their strength and durability. Compared to many analogues, our greenhouses are maximally equipped: The kit has everything you need for a quick installation and long life.